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Hi, I'm Janne!

I'm a visual artist based in Berlin and specialise in digital illustration, murals/street art and recently also 3D art. My work focuses on diverse creatures who live in a world somewhere between fantasy and reality, artificial and organic, sense and nonsense.

I enjoy exploring different mediums and working with balanced colour palettes, cartoony aesthetics and lots of little details. My inspirations are animals, plants, Berlin life, cartoons, music and love.

contact me here:


check out more of my work on instagram: @hottandrott



  • exhibition wall at Skallywag Gallery Berlin, 2021 - 2023

  • Let It Beat group exhibition at Let it Bleed Berlin, 2023

  • Perspectives on Cannabis group exhibition at Praise Collective Berlin, 2023

©2023 by Janne Hottenrott. Images may not be used without full permission and credit.


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